Title Date Listen Series
When Words Aren't Enough: Go 04/04/2006 Listen
Step into the Water 04/01/2006 Listen
The Great Adventure Series: Reaching Beyond 03/25/2006 Listen
It's Personal series: Reaching Beyond Yourself 03/18/2006 Listen
The Greatest Love Story: The Blessed Ending 02/25/2006 Listen
The Greatest Love Story: The Beloved 02/18/2006 Listen
The Greatest Love Story: The Hero 02/11/2006 Listen
the author 02/04/2006 Listen
First Words 01/28/2006 Listen
Where to Find Jesus: The Word 01/21/2006 Listen
Where to Find Jesus: Lord's Supper 01/14/2006 Listen
Where to Find Jesus without the Magi's Star: Baptism 01/07/2006 Listen
His Grace Will Lead Me Home 12/31/2005 Listen
His Grace Has Led Me Safe 12/30/2005 Listen
Celebrate the Messiah 12/24/2005 Listen
Is It Too Late For Christmas? 12/23/2005 Listen
Celebrate the King 12/17/2005 Listen
Celebrate the Priest 12/10/2005 Listen
Celebrate the Conqueror 12/03/2005 Listen
Celebrate the Prophet 11/26/2005 Listen
Put on a Happy Face 11/19/2005 Listen
Life's A Circus 11/12/2005 Listen
On The High Wire 11/05/2005 Listen
It's More than a Game: Life 10/29/2005 Listen
It's More than a Game: Monopoly 10/22/2005 Listen
It's More than a Game: The Apprentice 10/15/2005 Listen
The Power of Doing Good 10/08/2005 Listen
Just Jump In 10/01/2005 Listen
Gratitude 09/27/2005 Listen
What? Me, a Priest? 09/24/2005 Listen
The Great Gamble 09/17/2005 Listen
Solid to the Core 09/10/2005 Listen
Normal at Last: Heaven 09/03/2005 Listen
Breaking Down Barriers: Inclusion 08/20/2005 Listen
Truth Telling 08/13/2005 Listen
Forgiveness 08/06/2005 Listen
Conflict 07/30/2005 Listen
Empathy 07/23/2005 Listen